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Luma Lash – Eyelash Growth Serum With Red Grape Peptides

  • ✔ POWERFUL PEPTIDE GROWTH SERUM - Stem cell complex that acts as a growth serum, making your eyelashes appear longer and thicker.

    ✔ STRENGTHENS YOUR LASHES - This Innovative Formula nourishes skin at the base while moisturizing and conditioning each strand, which helps reduce breakage and encourages a look of longer and plumper lashes.

    ✔ ANTIOXIDANT SUPPORT FOR WEAK AND SPARSE LASHES - this formula harnesses the power of stem cells derived from the skin of red grapes, which provide strong antioxidant benefits.

    ✔ WORKS AS A MOISTURIZER - Just as hair needs a conditioner, so do lashes. Glycerin, a humectant, ensures that the delicate lash area is deeply hydrated, and also works to prevent any valuable moisture from escaping.

    ✔ LONG TERM LASH IMPROVEMENT - Over time, this formula improves the look and feel of lashes by keeping them conditioned and hydrated throughout their growth phase. This helps improve the appearance of length and volume, as well as reduce brittleness.

  • Peptide (Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17) - This peptide helps to encourage the appearance of longer, thicker lashes.

    Grape Stem Cell (Vitis Vinifera Fruit Cell Extract)  - Derived from the skin of red grapes, this stem cell provides antioxidant benefits to the delicate lashline.

    Glycerin (Soluble Collagen) - A moisturizing humectant that attracts water from its environment.

    Provitamin B5 (Panthenol) - Vitamin B5 is a conditioning ingredient that provides nourishment to lashes.

  • Use LumaLash daily and start noticing the difference after just a week!

    Before bedtime, thoroughly clean your face, especially around your eyes. Remove all traces of liner, mascara and other eye products. Now apply the product over both the upper and lower eyelids. Start from the inner corner and move outward, staying close to the lash line, exactly as if you’re applying eyeliner. Additionally, apply to eyebrows by starting at the base and moving in a vertical swab.  Leave overnight.

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Why It's Different

Longer, thicker and stronger eyelashes are no more a dream! LumaLash moisturizes, conditions and strengthens your eyelashes, encouraging growth and volume.

LumaLash is based on a super advanced, active and effective formula that produces results quickly. Containing four main and highly effective ingredients, LumaLash keeps your eyelashes moisturized and conditioned, making them look longer and more voluminous. Plus, it contains nutrients that infuse the lash line providing support to sparse and weak lashes.

  • Incorporates a highly effective formula
  • Produces quick results
  • Safe to use

Your eyelashes can grow thinner due to numerous reasons such as age, medicines, improper care or trauma. But the right combinations of ingredients can enhance the look, bringing youthfulness back to your face once again.

Key Benefits

  • Nourishes skin around lash line
  • Moisturizes and conditions lashes
  • Helps lashes appear longer and look thicker

 Skin Concerns

  • Weak, sparse, or short lashes
  • Dry skin around lash area

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