We are guessing you haven’t found the perfect lip plumper yet – and you’re not alone

When we ask our clients about the cosmetic issues they are most concerned with in our annual survey, aging and thinning lips always come up among the top responses.

And we’re not surprised. After all, our lips are constantly being exposed to the elements and go from being moisturized one day to chapped the next.

When we reach a certain age, we know what to expect: a few forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, laugh lines, circles under the eyes—these changes occur when we lose collagen and elastin in our skin over time. But did you know that this process also causes our lips to thin?

Our lips are a big part of our facial aesthetic; every woman knows that even just a quick swipe of lipstick can brighten her whole face.

This could be why we created the perfect lip plumper - Luma Lips Max. One that is preferably an all-rounder that helps reduce the appearance of thinning lips, and at the same time visibly alleviates lines and wrinkles and expands the curve and volume of the lips.

"Amazing Product"

"LumaLips MAX is an amazing lip plumper that produced immediate results for my aging and thinning lips. I’ve tried several other more expensive brands but this one really works the best! You can feel a slight little tingle when you put it on but it instantly makes your lips look fuller around the edges. Additionally, it keeps your lips feeling moisturized all day. I let it dry a bit and applied my favorite lip stick and my friends thought I had just had lip injection surgery – too funny! I highly recommend this lip plumper to anyone who wants fuller looking lips.."

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