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Feeling exhausted and need better sleep health?

Lack of sleep is one of the leading causes of exhaustion. It’s hard to stay healthy and productive when you’re not getting the proper amount of rest. That’s where Luma by Laura comes in – we sell natural sleep aids that will help you get the most out of your slumber.

Not only do our products help you sleep better, but they also promote weight loss, reduce anxiety and stress levels, and improve cortisol management. With Luma by Laura, you can achieve a healthier lifestyle all while getting the best night’s sleep ever.

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Luma Thin PM is a night time fat burner and boost metabolism.

Luma Thin PM Maximum Night Shred & Night Time Fat Burner with Sleep Aid - 60 Ct.

$35From $30
Are you trying to lean up and tone your figure?Many people desire a tiny waistline not just to look good but also to feel healthy. However, it is not easy...
Luma Snooze- herbal sleep aid, best herbal sleep aid

Luma Snooze - Natural Sleep Aid, Non-Habit Forming, Insomnia Relief Supplement

$45From $40
Do you have difficulty falling asleep and staying in deep slumber?We need ample sleep to feel good and function well in our daily lives. Some people, however, find it hard...
Best Natural Anti Anxiety Supplements Made with Ashwagandha and Black Pepper Benefits

Luma Organic Ashwagandha & Black Pepper, Anxiety and Stress Relief Pills - 60 Ct

$35From $30
Do you have a hard time coping with stress?Everyone encounters daily stressors in life: job pressure, struggles with money, wellness issues, and relationship problems. This is why stress is very...
Luma Mood- Adrenal Support Supplement, Adrenal Fatigue Supplement, Stress Pill

Luma Mood Boosting All Natural Anti Anxiety & Stress Relief Supplement - 60 Ct.

$35From $30
Tired of feeling stressed all the time?We live in a fast-paced world, surrounded by all kinds of stressors. Whether at home or at work, we are sure to deal with...