How Buying Cruelty-Free Skin Care Products Makes a Difference

How Buying Cruelty-Free Skin Care Products Makes a Difference | Luma by Laura

It’s 2018 and sadly, animal testing is still rampant in the beauty industry.

According to Cruelty Free International, around 115 million animals are used for experiments worldwide and the number is only increasing, even though the world is becoming more aware of the pain these animals go through for the sake of our health.

It’s time that we learn how even through the smallest ways, we can make a difference for these creatures.

What You Should Know about Animal Testing

Companies that test products on animals aren’t unaware of their actions. These companies deliberately test on animals because it’s much easier. While they do want to come up with new and improved products, it comes at the cost of animal lives. The tests these animals are subjected to are cruel and inhumane and they are bred just so they can live a life of suffering.

 It should be noted that there are other alternatives (safer alternatives) than animal testing.  As such, there really is no need to torture, maim or blind poor animals, just so we can enjoy our health and beauty products.

How Buying Cruelty-free Makeup Helps

When you avoid buying from companies that test on animals, you hit them right where it hurts—their profits! With cruelty-free makeup outpacing these brands, larger companies would have no choice but to change their ways.

We must understand that the consumer has power over such companies; all we have to do is harness this power and exercise it.

Learning about Cruelty-Free Makeup

Going cruelty-free isn’t just great for animals; it’s good for the planet as well. By buying fewer products than we usually need, we can be less wasteful. We can also save money, since cruelty-free brands are very much budget-friendly.

Not to mention that with cruelty-free products, you can enjoy the benefit of healthier, natural ingredients as well which are also non-toxic. This in turn, allows you to be more eco-friendly, since you won’t be washing away any harmful ingredients down the drain when you clean off your makeup.

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So shop at our store! Support our brand and help it reach newer heights. This is the best way to do your part in helping the world become cruelty free!


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