About us

My name is Mercedes and my family and I started Luma by Laura about 3 years ago.

The word Luma comes from ilLUMAnate because it’s our goal to help all our clients illuminate their beauty.


Mercedes Postosme

Laura is actually not a person but a symbol. Laura comes from the Latin word Laurus which means bay laurel plant.

During the Roman era, the bay laurel plant was used as a symbol of honor.

Therefore it is our honor and privilege to help ilLUMAnate your beauty!

We initially partnered with a leading edge cosmetic manufacture here in the United States to bring our cosmetic line of products including Luma Lips, Luma Lift, Luma Lash, and Luma Mask

Over the last 3 years, we have worked tirelessly with our chemist to refine our product formulas based on customer feedback. We welcome your feedback and look forward to continually improving our products.

This year I’m turning 55 and I’m really excited to continue expanding our product line. Please stay tuned for more to come from Luma by Laura!