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Lip Plumpers That Actually Work | Luma by Laura

LumaLips - Best Among Lip Plumpers That Actually Work

Nowadays, many men and women consider having fuller lips as a hallmark of beauty. If you want lip plumpers that actually work then LumaLips is probably the best product for you. It’s not only safe to use but also contains cutting-edge ingredients that will give you plumper lips much faster.

What makes this product unique?

I) We are a trusted cosmetic company!

LumaLips is one of our best products here at Luma by Laura. We created it as a 100% natural lip-plumper suitable for all types of people no matter your gender or racial background. We are a well-recognized cosmetic company in the beauty industry. Apart from LumaLips our other successful product lines include LumaLift and LumaBella.

II) Feedback from past users.

Our product has received numerous positive reviews from past clients, with most of them choosing it as their preferred plumper. Moreover, many online bloggers and independent cosmetic product reviewers have provided honest and accurate details about LumaLips that truly emphasize its quality.

Unlike other cosmetic companies that hire reviewers to give false statements about their products, Luma by Laura operates by a strict code of ethics and only provides honest assessments to our customers. With a little online research, you’ll come across genuine product feedback from various people who have tried LumaLips before and have found it to be safe and effective.

III) Recommended by professionals

Various beauty professionals such as dermatologists recommend LumaLips since it’s made from 100% organic ingredients. Typically, these experts give unbiased opinions about cosmetic products since they aren’t connected to any of them.

You can also ask your friends, colleagues or acquaintances for recommendations on lip plumpers that actually work and they will probably mention LumaLips as the top choice. Since our product is very popular in the cosmetics industry, chances are high that some of them may already be using it.

IV) Backed by scientific research

LumaLips has been created by top-rated scientists following several years of research.  It contains quick acting peptides and hyaluronic synthesis proteins that help create fuller lips much faster.


a) Contains Vitamin E. LumaLips has been enhanced with natural hydrating oils that help to keep your lips moisturized, soft and supple.

b) It’s compatible with your lip color. LumaLips can also be applied as a lip topper without having to use any dangerous injections or unsafe skincare procedures.

c) Equipped with advanced lip-plumping technology. This stimulates the collagen and hyaluronic acid found on your lip skin membrane at the molecular level, thus making your lips much fuller at a faster pace.

d) Shiny finish. Our product has a glossy touch to keep your lips looking fresh, full and gleamy throughout the day.

Ingredients that make LumaLips work for you:

I) Palmitoyl Oligopeptide. Our lip plumper contains short chains of protein compounds known as palmitoyl oligopeptides, which help trigger the generation of elastin and collagen in the lips. This organic ingredient is rapidly absorbed by the lips and helps them better retain moisture, thus resulting in thicker lips with no wrinkles.

Additionally, microsphere elements found in the ingredient help to give the optical effect of shine and larger size by filling-in creases on your lips.

Palmitoyl oligopeptides work by propagating Collagen production through making the skin think that it needs to do self-repair, particularly by organizing and placing collagen fibers in a firmer more consistent manner.

Since it increases fiber count and improves the layout arrangement, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide helps to improve overall tone, figure and volume of your lips.

Generally, palmitoyl oligopeptides are meant to give long term results and are the key ingredients for lip plumpers that actually work. Similarly, the tiny molecules of microspheres get their plumping effect from moisture that they gradually take in from the body.

II) Tribehenin. This is a conditioning agent popularly known as glyceryl tribehenate or glyceryl triester, it consists of a mix of plant-derived conditioner and fatty acid Behenic, as well as Glycerin which is a humectant and smoothing lubricant. Tribehenin is naturally found in vegetable and animal fats such as palm-nut, tallow and coconut oils. It works by creating a protective layer underneath the skin, retaining water and keeping your lip-skin hydrated.

Our Tribehenin ingredient is CIR-approved and fully safe for human use, it’s been infused in just the correct amount to make it effective but non-toxic. The compound is not a penetration enhancer that may assist other elements to reach lower levels of your skin. A recent study by the International Journal of Toxicology found that Tribehenin is non-toxic and non-irritant at dosages of below 40%, LumaLips Tribehenin falls under this category.

In summary, LumaLips is a high quality plumper that will improve the overall size and firmness of your lips within a very short time. For the best results, it’s recommended to use it around 2-3 times per day by gradually spreading it over your lips. The product can either be used alone or under a shade of lipstick with the same great results.

Using this lip plumper is the safest and most affordable way to achieve sexy and thick lips without having to undergo surgery, which cannot only be costly but also quite risky. LumaLips guarantees you full, sensual and glossy lips that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Since its launch, our lip plumper has continued receiving positive feedback from satisfied customers all over the country, most of who consider it as among the top lip plumpers that actually work.

With LumaLips, you no longer have to struggle with thin lips that don’t bring out your true natural beauty as it should be. Additionally, our product is 100% safe to use as it only contains natural ingredients that have absolutely no side effects. We encourage you to try LumaLips for yourself today in order to discover its amazing lip plumping features, the results are quick and long lasting.


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