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We are guessing you haven’t found the perfect eye cream yet – and you’re not alone

When we ask our clients about the skincare issues they are most concerned with in our annual survey, dark eye circles and lines around the eyes always come up among the top responses.

And we’re not surprised. After all, the skin around the eyes is significantly different from the rest of our skin.

Not only is it thinner, the frequency of movements we subject our eyes to – from blinking, to rubbing and tugging when we put on our contact lenses and do our eye makeup – makes the eye area more susceptible to signs of aging. 

Perhaps this is why people say that the eyes are the windows to our soulthey only tell the truth, yes, including the truth about our age and lifestyle.

This could be why we created the perfect eye cream product - Luma Lift. One that is preferably an all-rounder that helps reduce the appearance of dark eye circles, and at the same time visibly eliminates the look of signs of aging like fine lines and crow’s feet.

"Far superior to Plexaderm"

"This product is much less expensive than Plexaderm and works better. It's also faster and it doesn't leave the kind of residue Plexaderm leaves. Finally, it comes in a simple tube, not the ridiculous, malfunctioning syringe contraption Plexaderm uses."

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