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  • Highly Reflective Designs

  • Waterproof & Non-Toxic

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Our beautiful Cleopatra Collection of temporary metallic tattoos is inspired by the powerful Queen of Egypt.

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Jill with Luma Tats

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I Love How These Cleopatra Tattoos Look!

These temporary metallic tattoos are so beautiful and last a very long time! I wear them out almost every weekend and I'm so happy to have found these online.

-Jill G. Austin, TX
Amber with Luma Tats

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I Love all the Flashy Metallic Designs!

I LOVE these tattoos! My girlfriends and I wear them all the time. I love how there is so much to choose from in one packet and how easy they are to put on and take off!

-Amber, P. Los Angeles, CA
Tiffany with Luma Tats

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ These Tattoos are so Amazing!

I saw someone wearing these at a nightclub here in New York and decided to get them. They are so beautiful and last a very long time. Thank You!

-Tiffany, S. New York, NY

Long Lasting Temporary Tattoos

Our gold and colored metallic temporary tattoos will keep their shimmer, flash and glitter look for several days. Beautiful Gold and Silver Egyptian Goddess Tattoos Kit to Add Flare to Costumes or Adult Parties. These Foxxy Temporary Tatoos are Perfect Face Jewels / Stickers Templates that Highlight your Makeup / Cosmetics.

Highly Reflective Designs

These beautiful temp tats (women's accessories) are a great addition to a women's night out party. They can also be used by men, teens, boys and girls for party favors, gift ideas for her, and DIY presents & decorations! The trendy Goddess (Cleopatra, Aphrodite, etc) gold & silver metalic sticker henna tattoo is a big hit at Coachella music type events and especially Halloween Costume Parties.

Waterproof & Non-Toxic

These popular festival tattoos are non-toxic, non-permanent, safe and fun for all ages and can be worn anywhere on your body.

Quick & Easy to Apply

In less than one minute you can be up and running with your trendy new foil tattoo jewelry look.

Money Back Guarantee

We're not happy unless you are! We're committed to providing the highest quality fake jewelry tattoos so we offer a 60-day money back guaranteed for any reason.

Six Sheets Per Pack

Illumanate Your Beauty!

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

How Cleopatra Tattoos Work

How to Apply

1. Clean and dry skin completely.

2. Cut out the Luma Tat of your choice and remove transparent film.

3, Place temporary tattoo face down on skin.

4. Press damp cloth / sponge against tattoo and hold for 30 seconds.

5. Gently lift corner to check if tattoo is fully transferred. If not, damp and press again. 

That's it! If done correctly, your Luma Tat can last for several days.

How to Remove

Easily removable with baby oil, coconut oil, or olive oil. Just apply oil to the tattoo and rub off, it's that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Cleopatra tattoo?

The meaning of a Cleopatra tattoo can vary depending on the individual's personal interpretation and the specific design of the tattoo. Cleopatra is a popular subject for tattoos due to her reputation as a powerful and iconic figure of ancient history. Some people may choose to get a Cleopatra tattoo as a symbol of strength, beauty, and femininity, while others may see her as a symbol of rebellion or as a reminder of the struggle for power and independence. In some cases, Cleopatra tattoos may also incorporate other symbols or elements, such as Egyptian hieroglyphs or the serpent symbol of the goddess Wadjet. Ultimately, the meaning of a Cleopatra tattoo is up to the individual who wears it, and can represent a wide range of personal and cultural associations.

Which goddess did Cleopatra represent?

Cleopatra did not represent a specific goddess in ancient Egyptian religion, despite being a queen of Egypt. While many Egyptian rulers were believed to be divine, Cleopatra herself did not claim divinity and was not worshipped as a goddess. However, Cleopatra did make use of religious symbolism and iconography in her rule, and was known for her skillful use of religion and mythology to further her political goals. For example, she famously portrayed herself as the goddess Isis, who was associated with motherhood, fertility, and the afterlife. Cleopatra also supported the worship of traditional Egyptian gods and goddesses, and made significant donations to their temples and cults. Despite her use of religious symbolism and her reputation as a powerful and influential ruler, Cleopatra did not represent a specific goddess in Egyptian religion.

What does the Eye of Cleopatra mean?

The Eye of Cleopatra is not a commonly recognized symbol or phrase in ancient Egyptian mythology or modern popular culture. However, the Eye of Horus, which is a prominent symbol in ancient Egyptian mythology, is sometimes associated with Cleopatra due to her status as a queen of Egypt. The Eye of Horus, also known as the Udjat or Wadjet eye, is an ancient symbol of protection, healing, and royal power. It is often depicted as a stylized eye, with markings that represent the sun and the moon. The Eye of Horus was widely worshipped in ancient Egypt and was believed to have protective powers against evil and harm. While there is no specific meaning associated with an "Eye of Cleopatra," the Eye of Horus may be interpreted as a symbol of the queen's royal power, her connection to Egyptian mythology, and her status as a protector of her people.

Why did Cleopatra wear snake jewelry?

Cleopatra, like many rulers of ancient Egypt, was known for her love of luxury and fine jewelry. She was particularly fond of snake jewelry, which was a popular motif in ancient Egyptian art and religion. The snake was associated with the goddess Wadjet, who was believed to protect the pharaohs and their kingdom. The cobra, in particular, was a symbol of royalty and divine authority, and was often depicted on the headdresses and crowns of Egyptian rulers. Cleopatra, as a queen of Egypt, likely wore snake jewelry as a symbol of her own power and authority. In addition to its religious and symbolic significance, snake jewelry was also prized for its aesthetic beauty and craftsmanship. Cleopatra was known for her exquisite taste in jewelry, and her collection of snake jewelry was likely a reflection of her status as a powerful and wealthy ruler.

What ring did Cleopatra wear?

The specific ring that Cleopatra wore is not known, as there are no surviving examples of her personal jewelry. However, Cleopatra was known for her love of luxury and fine jewelry, and it is likely that she owned a wide variety of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other adornments. In ancient Egypt, rings were popular accessories for both men and women, and were often decorated with symbols or gemstones. Rings were also used as seals, with the wearer's personal seal engraved on the surface to authenticate documents or mark property. As a queen of Egypt, Cleopatra likely owned rings of various types and styles, ranging from simple gold bands to intricately carved and bejeweled pieces. While the specific ring that Cleopatra wore is a mystery, her reputation as a powerful and influential ruler, as well as her love of luxury and fine jewelry, continue to inspire art, literature, and culture to this day.

Will Luma Tats leave a rash.

Not at all! Luma Tats will quickly come off when you apply baby or olive oil.

When should I wear Luma Tats?

You can wear Luma Tats at parties, festivals, weddings, birthday parties or girls night out.

How long will Luma Tats last?

Luma Tats will last for several days.

Are Luma Tats scented?

Luma Tats are not scented.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Definitely! We have a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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