Trying Something New – Tips for Trying New Skin Care Products

Trying Something New – Tips for Trying New Skin Care Products | Luma by Laura

You want a skincare regimen that protects and nourishes your pores. However, trying out new products that could potentially satisfy this need can be scary, especially if you have sensitive skin.

But that’s why we’re here—to help you find new, improved and better products that are safe, effective, and help you nail the look you want.

What to Do When Buying Skincare Products

Diagnose Your Skin Type

Is your skin dehydrated or dry? (There’s a difference). Does your skin tend to break out easily, and are you sure your hormones don’t have a part in giving you those pimples? The answer to these questions might just help you choose the best products for your skin. Reactions are common, but you don’t want any reaction to cause any long-lasting effects. This is why we recommend the following…

Read Reviews

You’ll find plenty of reviews for skincare products online. If you see a positive review, get in touch with the person and ask them about their skin type and how they feel about the product. This will narrow down your options.

Do a Patch Test

And remember to get a sample for this test! You don’t want to end up wasting your money on an expensive product. Apply the sample to the side of your wrist, or on your forearm and leave it for 24 hours. If there’s no itchiness or redness, you’re good to go. If you feel anything, wash the spot immediately with soap.

Don’t Try it all at Once

Although it’s tempting, we’d recommend that you try one product per day. This will allow you to identify products that may not be suitable for your skin. Also, try to use each product on alternate days. Your skin needs to get used to those products first. Let it happen then increase your usage.

Don’t Try any New Products before Important Events

Whether you’re doing a patch test or applying the product on your face, use it at least a few weeks before any important event. This way, if you do get a reaction, your skin will have time to recover before the big day!

Quality over Price

Let’s say you’re looking for the best lip plumper online. Since you’re here, we can safely assume that you’ll buy the LumaLips Instant Lip Plumper because you know it's high quality. However, if you do find a similar product for a cheaper price, we ask that you proceed with caution. Using suspiciously cheap products can often have disastrous results. Do not risk your skin for the sake of a few bucks. 


Your skin deserves the best. With these tips, we hope that you choose the best products that’ll serve their purpose and keep your skin looking healthy and youthful for a long time.


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