Lip Plumper using a Safe Lip Plumping Gloss

Lip Plumper using a Safe Lip Plumping Gloss | Luma by Laura

For any lady, beauty is without a doubt a main issue of concern. Looking attractive goes a long way in inspiring your self-confidence and making you feel good about yourself. This coveted beauty can be achieved in many different ways but one which usually stands out is the look of your lips. Simply put, the shape, texture, and size of your lips cannot be ignored when considering the facial looks of any adorable woman. Are you concerned because of your thin, dry lips which have no appeal? Worry no more, there are now lip plumpers like Lumalips which offer instant solutions. While purchasing this product, it's only fair to know how it works and ensure that you are completely safe using it.

Well, lip plumpers have been on the market for some time now; successfully providing nice results. But before getting into the working part, let's start from the base and get to know what are the constituents involved in their production. Lip plumpers are made using ingredients like cinnamon, ginger, caffeine, wintergreen, menthol and some types of capsaicin. Capsaicin is the spicy component in chilies. Basically, lip plumping products are mostly made of natural ingredients which is of great relief to know. After all, you do not want to be using extreme synthetic products which you've never seen or heard of.

With the knowledge of the components, we can now dive into the working of this beauty product. For starters, the basic working is, when you apply the lip plumper, the blood vessels around you lips get dilated. This dilation means that more blood will be flowing to your lips hence the plump effect. With the application of most lip plumping products, there has been the issue of slight irritation. This is caused by chemical irritants which increase blood flow to the lips. 

However, by using Lumalips, you do not experience the irritation. Reason being, it works on a different aspect of hydration. Its constituent ingredients draw water towards your lips and seal it in thereby providing the same plump effect you so much desire without having to expose yourself to irritants as in other lip plumping products. Through this process, the effect notably lasts longer as compared to other products which people haven't had such promising results in addition to irritation.

There has also been the question of whether the working of plumpers is effective. Well, it is certainly effective and you experience the effect immediately after application. In simple terms, you can compare it to the swelling effect of a bee sting only without the pain. However, make sure get the right one since some can give you an allergic reaction depending on what has been added. Luckily, with Lumalips, this should not be a matter of concern,

Conclusively, issues to do with the thin lips are absolutely normal and they mainly occur with age due to changes in collagen present in the lips. If you are a smoker, it can also cause thin lips. This is the reason why the use of lip plumping product like Lumalips should be a worthy consideration to make and restore you sensual lips. 


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